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Hello, how are you?

In midlife, you might feel confident or you can feel lost and unsure. Working out what you want and how you want to feel, can seem hard.


It doesn't have to be - get in touch to see how I could help you.

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Don't Panic

Some of life's best decisions are made while standing at the edge of your comfort zone.

Read my Kindle book on decision making.


Living well is a balancing act – some thrill and some comfort, some adventure and some relaxation.

Surprisingly, the edge of your comfort zone can be the place where you do your best thinking. Standing on the cusp of making a decision to leap or to give yourself a break, you can learn a great deal about what really makes you tick.

There is no denying that the human experience has its challenges. From the moment we are born there is expectation on us to be something or someone that somebody else expected – usually our parents...


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Work with me

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    30 min



I called Toni when I felt stuck and unsure how to deal with an ongoing work problem that was taking over my life. We talked it through at length and Toni asked me lots of questions. It felt that she understood what I meant from the first time I spoke to her.

I had 6 sessions and by about session 3 I had resolved the problem and also decided that I didn’t want to work for such a toxic company, that shocked me a bit as I hadn’t realised how unhappy I felt.


At the end of session 6 I felt properly happy for the first time in 2 years. I’m now going back for more coaching to plan what I am going to do next.

Bea, London


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